by Heavy Harvest

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Thanks goes out to Marc Bouffé, Role of Tonmeisterei, Koostella, Hirscheneck, Robyn, L'Arbre Bizarre, Rich Kid Blue, Echolot, HATHORS, Ilenia, Jill, Lukas, Männi, Max, all of our Moms and Dads, all of our friends, all the great people who come to our shows and everyone who has in one way or another put up with and/or supported us. We are extremely thankful for everything!

If you’re in any way racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, do us a favor and don’t come to our fucking shows! Also: No means no! And multiple No’s and one Yes doesn’t equal Yes!


released May 12, 2017

O’Neal Haas - Guitar, Vocals, iPhone
Aaron Wetzel - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jonas Häne - Drums, Backing Vocals

Music & Lyrics by O’Neal Haas except Track 5 written by Aaron Wetzel & O'Neal Haas

Recorded at Working Class Recordings by Marc Bouffé
Mixed & Mastered at Tonmeisterei by Role
Artwork by Koostella - Crime da Mala Records



all rights reserved


Heavy Harvest Basel, Switzerland

Born into the cold November of 2011, Heavy Harvest has been creating a loud and angry mix of Stoner Rock, Punk Rock and Noise Rock. This results in highly energetic, unpredictable and chaotic live shows. They'll be releasing their first full-length "Rats" on May 12th 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Jar
Crawls up your leg
Still you make it beg
Wrapped it all around
I won’t make a sound

Keep it in a jar
Never seemed so far
Standing in a line
Where did you get the time

No wonder you can’t fall asleep

Now you waste away
Lay in bed all day
Bottles on the floor
Life behind closed doors

Image in your head
Of the living dead
Waiting for a sign
Where did you get the time
Track Name: Rat Wiper
I'm a rodent
I nibble at your feet
I’m eating scraps up off the floor

Late at night the rats they meet
Don't wanna see it close your door

I feast

I see you
I see you move
I see you move around

I feel you
I feel you move
I feel you move around

I hear you
I hear you move
I hear you move around
Track Name: Brain
Can’t rid my head of your face
I should have left I hate this place
I can’t remember the last time I smiled
Open up my brain see that I lie

You don’t know what I need
You don’t see what I see

Fallen all I do is stare
No one can hear me I’m miles away
When I’m with you I feel so small
I'm inside my world don’t wanna hear you call
Track Name: The Wait
I sit in a corner at night
I wish you were here
We know that we shouldn’t but we might
Your friend’s always there

So I wait
I wait

I can’t sleep
Don’t wanna wake up
I’m in deep
So I wait

I sit in a corner at night
I wish you were here
Leave me presents but stay out of sight
Your voice I won’t hear

Look at my eyes
You’ll see that I’m still searching
Look at my life
You’ll see that I’m still broken
Track Name: Season Of The Witch
Get this bastard off of me

Season of the witch
Track Name: Eraserhead
When the screaming come across the sky
I usually hide under my desk
With half-baked thoughts
Concerning politics and life in general

Leave me alone

Things that you consider cold
My hands when I’m alone
Witch tits, penguin shits
A champagne glass or a polar bear’s ass
Track Name: Softly Spoken
Softly spoken
But he don’t need you
Softly spoken
But he don’t see you
Softly spoken
But he won’t miss you
Softly spoken
All his words are lies

Coming down with the disease
On the floor begging him please
I’ll pick you up so you can see

Softly spoken
But he will use you
Softly spoken
But he’ll abuse you
Softly spoken
He thinks you need the pain
Softly spoken
He’s the only one to blame

Sleeping in a stranger’s bed
Hearing voices in your head
Fills your mind with regret
Life gets easy once your dead
After all he’s put you through
Just a nasty dream to you
Track Name: Through Your Eyes
Waking up and I slowly realize
I’m not feeling better
Think I found a way to see it through your eyes
But I’m not feeling better

Your arms burn and you slowly fade away
You’re not feeling better
Trying to find the words that’d make you wanna stay
Still not feeling better

I just can’t find the cure
I just can’t see the end
No matter what I do
I’m built to spill my friend

I look up but you’re not here with me
Cause you’re not feeling better
I need help but you’re across the sea
So I’m not feeling better

Your pain causes explosions in the sky
And you’re not feeling better
Breeched from birth like a letter next to I
We’re not feeling better

I just can’t find the cure
I just can’t see the end
No matter what I do
I’m built to spill to you